2016 - 2017, Rostock, Germany


Invite local citizents and visitors of the exhibition to participate
in a simple and personal exercise: Bring their own solid waste (fecal
matter) and together transform it into personalized black humus.
Participants of this project will followe the process to completion during the year.
As the final stage in autumn 2017, each of them will have opportunity to
plant a fruit tree, which will have been grown using the hygenic rich humus
they have helped create.

It is designed as a simple lesson to involve our own body in the natural
cycle within the context of local landscape. Our body waste still contains
a lot of usable nutrition for plants and trees. Since ancient times, human
beings have recycled this material for agriculture.

Project for the exhibition Zur Nachahmung empfohlen! Expeditionen in Ästhetik und Nachhaltigkeit
(Examples to follow! Expeditions in aesthetics and sustainability)

Collaboration with Akademie für Nachhaltige Entwicklung M-V