April - December 2015


The idea is to close the nutrient cycle of beer production. The project explores waste resources from the beer production and revaluates them by closing the natural cycle. It starts to collect human liquid bodily waste (urine) at events in Berlin and in Dortmund and feed it back to the barley fields as nutrients. Once barley is ready to harvest, malting and brewing process would start in both cities. The whole process will be video documented until the final beer and celebration dinner will ready to taste.


Project for the exhibition DORTMUNDER NEU GOLD (The 500 years anniversary exhibition of German Beer)
Commition work for Dortmund city, curation by Stefan Riekeles
Exhibition at Dortmunder U

This project was realized by the big support of
Botanic Garden Berlin / Terra BoGa, Nadine König, Sabine Pilz, Alfons-E. Krieger
Landwirtschaftskammer NRW / Ullrich Schulze 
Beer tasting night / Cristal Peck, Pierre Lejeune, Markus Shimizu, Daniel Salomon
Malting / Prinzessinnengarten-Berlin
Brewing / Jochen Zeisel, Saara and Joachim Betzl, Peter Thomas
Video Documentation / Virginia Mingo, Ben Jones, John Buster Norris         

See Dortmund version - FUTURE BEER Dortmunder Kreislauf