July-August 2010, Rauma, Finland

Organized by residency Raumars, Finland


Launching a new currency and opening a new Bank in the town of Rauma, southwest Finland, where there are 32,000 inhabitants. The Nordea Bank offered me a space in their lobby. I harvested seasonal berries at the gardens of nine families and preserved them at their home. Each jam was issued as a currency, which is called ”One Energy“ and presented at the bank. Then people who got curious chose their favorite ones. They each wrote down a special aspiration, which they would like to realize during the time it takes to consume the jam.

When 40 currency jars had been selected by people with an aspiration, I organized an award ceremony and gave the jars to them. They open the lid when they decide to start with their aspiration. The idea should be completed when the jar becomes empty. Discovering un-harvested berries as ”hidden wealth“ in the local area as well as creating a situation where people can speak out an aspiration or an unfinished idea were both important aspects of this project. The energy from local berries will then be used to support the realization of the ideas.

Each person defines the Value of this currency. It can have a real effect in its surroundings, as it is being used and transformed into other values, according to peoples’ imagination and trust. Over time, the value of untouched currency would eventually expire.