September 2012

Participatory work in Beijing, China


In the East Asian countries, there are natural farms, where farmers make their own fermented microorganisms for compost. The main motivation was to learn the varieties of traditional chinese microorganisms from organic farmers and then, using the local microorganisms, giving workshops on “Urban gardening” for citizens of Beijing.

The economy grows rapidly there. I honestly wondered where there could be spaces for community gardens and who would be interested in agriculture and gardening in the centre of Beijing. Contrary to my expectations, many people were curious about producing their own safe foods in gardens and exchanged possibilities of building gardening spaces together. 

There is a video of the All My Cycle process 

examples to follow! expeditions in aestetics and sustainability
Curated by Adrienne Goehler
Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Supported by Little Donkey Farm Beijing, Goethe Institut Beijing, EM e.v, Schweißfurth Stiftung and a private donation

Photo by Zhang Zhiluo, Goethe Institut Beijing

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